Volume XII, 1992 Contents

Developing Lifelong Readers: Policies, Procedures, and Programs


Managing Editors

Kay Camperel, Utah State University
Bernard L. Hayes, Utah State University

Editorial Board

Eunice Askov, Pennsylvania State University
Allen Berger, Miami University
Mary Brittain, Virginia Commonwealth University
Terry Bullock, University of Cincinnati
Marilyn Eanet, Rhode Island University
Roger Eldridge, University of Northern Colorado
Joan Elliott, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ruth Kurth, Concordia College
Wayne Otto, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Leo Schell, Kansas State University
Norman A. Stahl, Northern Illinois University
Victoria Risko, Vanderbilt University
Richard Telfer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
JoAnn Bass, Arkansas State University
Judy Shaver, McNeese University
Judy True, North Georgia College
Gary Moorman, Appalachian State University



Developing Problem Solving Environments to Prepare Teachers for Instruction of Diverse Learners

Victoria J. Risko, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University







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Reasons "Effective" Strategies Are Not Used: Student's and Teacher's Explanations

Richard J. Telfer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Robert E. Jennings, Fort Hays State University
Reed Mottley, University of Southern Mississippi









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Are Teachers Using Whole Language to Teach Reading: A National Perspective

Patricia K. Smith, West Virginia University







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Reading Recommendations for a Multi- Cultural Tomorrow

Kathleen Evans, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Terry Bratcher, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale








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Lifelong Reading by Teachers as Bibliotherapy

Don Lumpkin, Ball State University






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Scenes from a Classroom: Literature for Thinking About Teaching--An Annotated Bibliography

Marilyn Eanet, Rhode Island College







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Caldecott Medal Books (1938-1991): Some Observations

Sylvia Hutchinson, University of Georgia
Ira E. Aaron, University of Georgia








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Promoting Readership Within Public Schools: Survey of Administrators and Recommendations for Practice

Emilie P. Sullivan, University of Arkansas
Theresa Cronan, University of Arkansas
Susan Riggs, University of Arkansas










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Assessing Job-Related Basic Skills: Job Trails As An Example

Eunice N. Askov, Pennsylvania State University
Bernice P. Sheaffer, Pennsylvania State University








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Developing Lifelong Literacy: Some Stories Inspired by Roger Schank's Tell Me a Story

Wayne Otto, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Barbara Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Grace Balwit, University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Sarah Dowhower, Miami University
Roger Eldridge, University of Northern Colorado
Kay Camperell, Utah State University













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The Portrayal of Ethnic Characters in Newbery Award Winning Books

Cindy Gillespie, Ball State University
Nancy Clements, Ball State University
Janet Powell, California State University-San Marcos
Rebecca Swearingen, Kansas State University











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Kindergartner's Use of Theme-Based Integrated Texts

Marino C. Alvarez, Tennessee State University
Judith Vaughn, Westmeade Elementary School







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Evaluation of Statewide Workplace Literacy Computer-Assisted Instruction for Commercial Drivers: R.O.A.D. to SUCCESS

Emory Brown, Pennsylvania State University
Eunice N. Askov, Pennsylvania State University









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An Innovative Program for meeting the Literacy Needs of a Non-Majority-Culture Community

Mary Beneditti, University of Cincinnati
Terry L. Bullock, University of Cincinnati
Chester Laine, University of Cincinnati
Michaeline Wideman, University of Cincinnati
Harietta Frank, Nativity Literacy Center, Cincinnati, OH
Kenneth Sharp, Whittier Elementary School, Cincinnati, OH
Morris Garrett, St. Luke Hospital, Covington, KY






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