Volume XI, 1991 Contents

Literacy: International, National, State, and Local


Managing Editors

Kay Camperel, Utah State University
Bernard L. Hayes, Utah State University

Editorial Board

J. Estill Alexander, University of Tennessee
Terry Bullock, University of Cincinnati
Leo Schell, Kansas State University
Antonia Marmolejo, Universidad De Malaga
Robin Eanes, St. Edwards University
Louise Tomlinson, University of Georgia
Marilyn Eanet, Rhode Island College
Roger Eldridge,University of Northern Colorado
Mary Heller, Kansas State University
John Bertrand, Tennessee State University
Mary Brittain, Virginia-Commonwealth University
Joe Peterson, Bemidji State University
Robert Jerrolds, North Georgia College
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Sidney Benton, North Georgia College
Norman A. Stahl, Northern Illinois University
Eunice N. Askov, Pennsylvania State University
Kenneth Smith, Eastern Oregon State College
Victoria Risko, Vanderbilt University
Ray Reutzel, Brigham Young University
Wayne Otto, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lawrence Erickson, Southern Illinois University
George McNinch, West Georgia College
Allen Berger, Miami University
Richard Telfer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Karen Ford, University of Northern Texas


Problems Court Sessions

Oral History as a Critical Pedagogy: Some Cautinary Issues

James R. King, University of South Florida
Norman A. Stahl, Northern Illinois Unversity







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Literacy Programs for Culturally diverse Students: Challenges for the Future

Mary S. Benedetti, University of Cincinnati
Chester H. Laine, University of Cincinnati
Rajalakshmi Sankaranarayanan, University of Cincinnati
Michaeline E. Wideman, University of Cincinnati











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Defining "Literacy": An Explanation of Literate Communities

Wayne Otto, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Sarah Dowhower, Miami University
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Bernie Hayes, Utah State University
Kay Camperell, Utah State University










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Second-Language Literacy: Functional Competence for the Future

Susan Jenkins, University of Cincinnati






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Assessing Teachers' Knowledge of Multi-Ethnic Literature

Deborah L. Thompson, Old Dominion University
Jane Meeks Hager, Old Dominion University








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Hispanic Background and Lingusitic Factors: Social Contexts for Reading Comprehension and Instruction

Marino C. Alvarez, Tennessee State University





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Do or Die: School Violence, Teenage Suicide and Educational Pressure in Japan

Linda L. Arthur, Georgia Southern University







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Expanding Literacy by the Use of Imaginative Literature in the teacher-Education Classroom

Marilyn G. Eanet, Rhode Island College







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Literacy through Literature: International Award Winning Children's Books

Ira E. Aaron, University of Georgia
Sylvia M. Hutchinson, University of Georgia









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Memories and Written Remembrances: Creating a Link Between Prior Knowledge and Children's Literature

Kathy S. Neal, Clemson University
Barbara Everson, Belton-Honea Path High School








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How RIPE Promotes Change in Literacy Learning in Rural Schools

Lawerence Erickson, Southern Illinois University






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Examining Transmitters of Literacy: Factors Related to Performance on the NTE Test of Professional Knowledge

Thomas Cloer, Jr., Furman University
Thomas McNeely, Furman University









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Research on Teacher Effectiveness: Some Assertations for Teacher Educators

James R. Olson, Georgia State University








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Videodisc-Based Case Methodology: A Design for Enhancing Preserve Teachers' Problem-Solving Abilities

Victoria J. Risko, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University







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Literacy: The Impact of Technology on Early Reading

Judy C. Shaver, McNeese State University
Beth S. Wise, McNeese State University








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A Survey of Teachers' Attitudes Toward and Utilization of Computers in K-8 Classrooms

Judith L. Long, North Georgia College
Susan B. Steffey, Coal Mountain Elementary School








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Activities and Adaptations for At-Risk Students: Students' and Teachers' Perceptions

Richard J. Telfer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Robert Jennings, Fort Hays State University
Reed Mottley, University of Southern Mississippi









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An Analysis of the Themes in Students' International Peer Correspondence While Studying a Social Studies Unit About South America: A Pilot Study

Shirley M. Pauler, University of Georgia







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Short-Term Memory Demands of Initial Reading Curricula: Impact on Progress in Elementary School Reading

Richard H. Bloomer, University of Connecticut
Kay A. Norlander, University of Connecticut
Patricia A. Richard, University of Connecticut










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Workplace Literacy Instruction and Evaluation: R.O.A.D. to Success

Eunice N. Askov, Pennsylvania State University
Emory J. Brown, Pennsylvania State University








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Literacy: An International Perspective

Sondra Rebottini, Ohio University






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