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Rosalind R. Gann, East Tennessee State University  
Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University  







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Deconstructing the Construct of 'Struggling Reader': Standing Still or Transforming Expectations and Instruction?

Marino Alvarez
Sonya Armstrong

Laurie Elish-Piper
Mona Matthews

Victoria Risko







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Three Models for Approaching Literatures of Trauma

Kate Dailey





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Reading the Script: How Students and Teachers Understand Reading in the Context of a Scripted Intervention Class

Hope Davis




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A "Book Club Girl" Becomes a "Leader"

Elizabeth Frye




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Confronting the Trauma-Sensitive Writing of Students

Deborah Kellner




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Preservice English Teachers and Special Educators: Opportunities and Barriers to Collaboration

Stephen Kroeger
Chester Laine




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Using "New Literacies" to Re-Shape Teacher Education

Joe Lubig
N. Suzanne Standerford
Derek Anderson
K.C. Holder
Laura Reissner
Sue Szczepanski






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Youth and Popular Culture: From Theory to Practice

Trevor Stewart
Joanne Ratliff




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