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Exploring Literacy in the 21st Century: Educating Students for a High-Tech World




Managing Editor

George Hruby, Utah State University

Website and Technical Coordinator

Gary Moorman, Appalachian State University

Associate Editors

Alison Heron-Hruby, Utah State University
Jonathan Eakle, John Hopkins University

Technology Consultant

John Spagnolo, Appalchian State University

Editorial Assistants

Duncan Masters, Appalachian State University
Megan Kilby, Appalachian State University


Editorial Advisory Board

Jo Ann Bass, Valdosta State University James Hendricks, Ball State University
Cynthia Bertelsen, Bowling Green State University Sharon Kossack, Florida International University
Kay Camperell, Utah State University Chet Laine, University of Cincinnati
Laurie Elish-Piper, Northern Illionis University Glenda Lofton, Southeastern Louisiana University (retired)
Joyce C. Fine, Florida International University Mona Matthews, Georgia State University
Michael French, Bowling Green State University Debra M. Pane, Florida International University
Rosalind R. Gann, East Tennessee State University Marian Tonjes, University of New Mexico
Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University  







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Connecting Reader's Understandstandings Through Meaningful Themes and Writing Engagement

Richard Sinatra
Robert Eschenauer





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Becoming a Reading Specialist: Surveying the Possibilities

Judy A. Abbott
Cari R. Williams
Allsion Swan-Dagen
Steven D. Rinehart






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Effective Comprehension Strategies in a Cultrually Responsive Environment on the Navajo Reservation: A Preliminary Inquiry

Leslie Marlow
Duane Inman





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Learning from Past and Present Uses of the Term "Literacy"

Amy Alexandra Wilson, University of Georgia





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