Volume XXVI, 2006 Contents

Language and Literacy: Pedagogies for Schools and Cultures



Managing Editor

Alison Heron-Hruby , Utah State University

Website and Technical Coordinator

Gary Moorman, Appalachian State University

Associate Editors

George Hruby, Utah State University
Jonathan Eakle, Johns Hopkins University
Rosa Chavez-Eakle, Johns Hopkins University

Technology Consultant

John Spagnolo, Appalchian State University

Editorial Assistants

Meghan Bowen, Appalachian State University
Mary Williams, Appalachian State University

Editorial Advisory Board

Jo Ann Bass, Valdosta State University James Hendricks, Ball State University
Cynthia Bertelsen, Bowling Green State University Sharon Kossack, Florida International University
Kay Camperell, Utah State University Chet Laine, University of Cincinnati
Laurie Elish-Piper, Northern Illionis University Glenda Lofton, Southeastern Louisiana University (retired)
Joyce C. Fine, Florida International University Mona Matthews, Georgia State University
Michael French, Bowling Green State University Debra M. Pane, Florida International University
Rosalind R. Gann, East Tennessee State University Marian Tonjes, University of New Mexico
Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University  




Of Medicine and Rocket Science: Metaphors that Shape the Field of Literacy Education

Eric J. Paulson, Univeristy of Cincinnati


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Improving Comprehension of Science Context: Generating Self-Explanation Questions and Creating Explanatory Answers

Peggie Clelland, Utah State University
Kay Camperell, Utah State University









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Defining Literacy Self-Images: Using Digital Storytelling to Empower Preservice Reading Teachers as Strategic Problem Solvers

Jacqueline K. Collier, Wright State University




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Painted Literacy: Reading Aloud Rituals

Word Version Word PDF Version PDF

Sarah L. Dowhower, Miami University of Ohio, Retired





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Pre-Service Teacher Education for Diversity

Debra Pane, Florida International University


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Writing for Empowerment: Research Discourse for Education Undergraduates

Rosalind Raymond Gann, Jessica Buell, Cindi Ramsey, Constance Rosenbalm, East Tennessee State University



Keynote Address Précis: On Predicting Big Things in Literacy Research:Trendlines, Perennials, Serendipity and Stealth

George Hruby, Utah State University

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