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Reading: Legacy, Realities, and Predictions



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The Reading Practices of Preservice Teachers: On Becoming Critical Consumers

Timothy J. Murnen, Bowling Green State University




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Other People / Other Places in Recent (2003-2004) Children's Book Award Winners / Contenders From Five English Speaking Countries

Ira E. Aaron
Sylvia M. Hutchinson




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1964-2004: A retrospective on reading instruction (Highlights and Lowlights)

Susanne I. Lapp   
Jerry Johns
Terry Bullock
Richard Telfer
Laurie Elish-Piper





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An Undergraduate Reading Practicum: Improving Teacher Preparation

Tara Rosselot-Durbin




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A Lexical Analysis of Informal Reading Inventory Graded Word Lists

Michael P. French




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Two Birds-One Stone: Helping Pre-Service Teachers Connect Reading and Writing While Learning to Demonstrate Reflective Practice

Lauren G. McClanahan
Sean Baughn
Ray Wolpow







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Fluency: Implications for Classroom Instruction

Elizabeth Frye
Woodrow Trathen







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Understanding the Parent-Child Interactive Literacy Component of Family Literacy: A Re-Examination of Research

Elizabeth L. Grinder
Eunice N. Askov
Eugenio Longoria Saenz
Jale Aldemir

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A Reaction to Understanding the Parent-Child Interactive Literacy Component of Family Literacy

Laurie Elish-Piper


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Reciprocal Mapping: Scaffolding Students' Expository Writing

Joyce C. Fine

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