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Reading Research: Has it Made a Difference in Student Learning?




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Gleanings From Literacy Research for the Education of Harvest Wolf

Thomas Cloer, Jr., Furman University





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Literacy Research on Student Learning: What Counts and Who's Counting

Donna E. Alvermann, University of Georgia




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From Practitioners to Researchers: Facilitating Classroom Research

Rosalind Raymond Gann, East Tennesse State University
Jane E. Melendez, East Tennesse State University
Melissa Bray, Churchill Elementary School
Stephanie Mann, Mount Carmel Elementary School
Teresa Young, Fairmount Elementary School









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Parents' Voices in the Discussion of the Rights of Readers

Victoria J. Risko, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Mona W. Matthews, Georgia State University
Laurie Elish-Piper, Northern Illinois University
Sheryl Dasinger
Jo Ann F. Bass, Valdosta State University




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Copyrights Conundrums and Perlexing Permission

Sarah L. Dowhower, Miami University




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Primary Grade Reading Instruction Empowered Through Research-Based Knowledge

Ann Sharp, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ralph E. Reynolds,University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kathleen J. Brown
Amy Morris, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Susan Gunn




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Family Literacy in the Context of Welfare Reform

Ray Wolpow
Eunice N. Askov





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Comparing Performance on Two Word Identification Inventories:
The Qualitative Inventory of Word Knowledge and the Analytical Reading Inventory

Jerry Zutell, Ohio State University





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Exploring Relationships Between Spelling and Word
Identification Using an Informal Word Inventory

Jerry Zutell, Ohio State University




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Understanding the Relationship Between Attitudes
Toward Reading and Home Literary Environment

Angela Nickoli, Ball State University
Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University
James Hendricks, Ball State University
April Smith, Ball State University

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Participating as Literacy Volunteers in Developing
Countries: What Have We Learned?

Sharon Kossack, Florida International University
Ellie Friedland, Wheelock College
Janet C. Richards, University of South Florida


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Reading Specialists: Do They Do What They "Do?"

Christine Mallozzi, University of Cincinnati
Chet Laine, University of Cincinnati


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