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A Literacy Odyssey





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Integrated Matrix

Literature Circles Across Student Groups, Contexts and Texts: Lessons Learned and Ideas to Explore

Linda Pacifici, Beth Frye, Michael Hale, Pamela Schram, Tracy Smith and Woodrow Trathen, Appalachian State University

Guided Reading with 4th and 5th Grade Students Using Instructional Literature Circles

Beth Frye and Woodrow Trathen

Learning Through Literature Circles: Engagement and Student Voice Across Two Undergraduate Student Populations

Linda Pacifici

Literature Circles in an Undergraduate Course: Instructor and Students' Perceptions About Learning

Pamela Schram

Literature Circles in a Graduate Course: Providing a Context of Meaningful Connections for Adult Learners

Tracy Smith

Themes Across Cases: Literature Circles in a Variety of Contexts

Michael Hale, Beth Frye, Linda Pacifici, Pam Schram, Tracy Smith, and Woody Trathen


















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Students' Perceptions of Their Rights as Readers: Including Students' Voices in the Dialogue

Jo Ann F. Bass, Valdosta State University
Sheryl Dasinger, Valdosta State University
Victoria J. Risko, Vanderbilt University
Mona W. Matthews, Georgia State University
Laurie Elish-Piper, Northern Illinois University
Jerry L. Johns, Northern Illinois University
Randall V. Bass, Valdosta State University







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From Training to Impact: A Master's Student's Application of Methods to Increase Student Learning

Joyce Fine, Florida International University
Helen Robbins, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Lynn Yribarren and Maria Tsalikis, Miami, Florida






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Picturing the Word: A Literacy Odyssey in Paintings of Children, Youth, and Families

Sarah Dowhower, Miami University

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Literacy With Not Quite Such an Attitude: A Response to Finn

Thomas Cloer, Jr., Furman University





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High Tech-High Touch: Using Technology to Foster Meaningful Intergenerational Literacy Connections

Ray Wolpow, Western Washington University
Sue Neff and Greg Neff, Manson Public Schools







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2001 Contenders/Winners: Children's Book Awards in Five English Speaking Countries

Ira E. Aaron and Sylvia M. Hutchinson, University of Georgia





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Creating Games as Reader Response and Comprehension Assessment

Constance Ulmer, Mary Timothy, Lynne Bercaw, Susan Gilbert, Jody Hollemon and Mari Hunting, Appalachian State University





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Opening a Conversation About the Use of Miscue Analysis and Student as Learner

Steve Trowbridge and Tina Herrington, University of Houston - Victoria
John Stansell, University of North Texas
Debbie Smith, Northeastern State






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"I Have Another Way to Show It": Fostering Literacy in a Third Grade Mathematics Classroom

Carol J. Crumbaugh, Western Michigan University





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Putting It Together: College Developmental Reading in Context

Missy Laine, Chester Laine and Terry Bullock, University of Cinncinati





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Apprenticing in the Disciplines: A Sociocultural Model for Post-secondary Reading Instruction

Maureen Giblin, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point





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A Comparison of Entry Level Teacher Education and Non-teacher Education Students' Attitudes Toward Reading

Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University
Angela Nickoli, James E. Hendricks and Nicole Thomas, Ball State University







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Collaborative Co-teaching as Professional Development

Denise Dallmer, Northern Kentucky University
Cynthia Baker, Holmes High School





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University Practitioner: Building Commitment to the Teaching of Reading through Book Conversations

Dan Rothermel, Eastern Connecticut State University






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Standards Movement: Universities Meet the Challenge

Sharon Kossack, Florida International University





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Using a Teacher Work Sample as a Measure of Effectiveness: Is the Bar too High for a Teacher Candidate?

Jane F. Rudden, Donna H. Topping, and Sandra J. Hoffman, Millersville University






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