Volume IX, 1989 Contents

Reading Researchers, Policymakers, and Practitioners

Managing Editors

Kay Camperel, Utah State University
Bernard L. Hayes, Utah State University

Editorial Board

Pat Ducan, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lawrence Erickson, Southern Illinois University
Rebecca Moore, Clemson University
Timothy Rasinski, University of Georgia
Ken Smith, Eastern Oregon State College
Louise Tomlinson, University of Georgia
James Walker, Texas Women's University
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Donna Laffey, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Richard Thompson, University of Central Florida
Martha Berry, University of South Carolina
E. Sutton Flynt, Pittsburgh State University
Nick Henry, Pittsburgh State University
Terry Lovelace, University of Southern Louisiana

Problems Court Sessions

Translating Knowledge into Practice: No Teacher, No Method, No Guru

William Blanton, Appalachian State University
Gary Moorman, Appalachian State University
Thomas Estes, University of Virginia










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Three Apocalyptic Horsemen

Wayne Otto, University of Wisconsin-Madison








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Developing Professional Teachers: Encouraging Change and Inquiry

Bernard L. Hayes, Utah State University







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Caution! Constraints on Translating Research into Practice

Kay Camperell, Utah State University








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Developing a Tolerance for Ambiguity

Mary F. Heller, Kansas State University








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What Practitioners Can Tell Reading Researchers about Content Reading Instruction

Richard J. Telfer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Robert E. Jennings, Fort Hays State University
Reed Mottley, University of Southern Mississippi










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Research to Impact Practioners: Teaching Concepts to At-Risk Children

Beth C. Wise, McNeese State University
Judy C. Shaver, McNeese State University








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The Practice of Reading Politics: Effects on Children with Learning Problems

Richard H. Bloomer, University of Connecticut
Kay A. Norlander, University of Connecticut








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Conducting Collaborative Research: Teachers, Researchers, and Observers Talk about What They Do

Terry Bullock, University of Cincinnati
Chester Laine, University of Cincinnati








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A Cooperative Schol Reading Plan: Developing Collaborative Relationships

Marino C. Alvarez, Tennessee State University








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Transaction and Interaction with Children's Literature: Direction of Policy

Mary M. Brittain, Virginia Commonwealth University
Nancy Boraks, Virginia Commonwealth University
Fredric Linder, Virginia Commonwealth University








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Enhancing Students' Independent Learning and Text Comprehension with a Verbally Rehearsed Composing Strategy

Victoria Risko, College of Education Vanderbilt University
George Peabody, College of Education Vanderbilt University
Alice Patterson, Metro Nashville Schools








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Teaching Reading Comprehension: Direct Instruction Revisited

Thomas Cloer, Jr., Furman University






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College Level Developmental Programs: Policy and Instructional Issues

Louise M. Tomlinson, The University of Georgia








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An Analysis of Reading Textbooks Used at a College Level

Patricia K. Smith, West Virginia University








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Toward A Caring Reading Curriculum

Timothy V. Rasinski, Kent State University








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A Historical Perspective on Remedial Reading

George S. Spache, Spache Educational Consultants, Inc.








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Keynote Session

Reading Research into Policy and Practice: Practioner's Viewpoint

Deborah L. Thompson, Old Dominion University






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Michigan's Reading Program: A Decade of Change

Elaine M. Weber, Michigan Department of Education






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