American Reading Forum Online Yearbook - Volume XXXV 2015

Language and Literacy: Meeting the Challenges of all Learners


Nora A. Vines, University of Tennessee

Stergios Botzakis, University of Tennessee

Jason DeHart, University of Tennessee



Beth Frye, Appalachian State University

Holly Johnson, University of Cincinnati

Ashley Pennell, Appalachian State University

Allison Wilson, Appalachian State University



Emerging Research Interests that Complicate Data Analysis: How the Past Informs the Present

Donna E. Alvermann, The University of Georgia
Helene Halstead, The University of Georgia
Marie Troutman Goodwin, The University of Georgia
Lloyd P. Rieber, The University of Georgia

The Development of an Instrument for Teacher Preparation Programs: How Can We Measure Student Teachers' Impact on 4th and 5th Graders' Attitudes?

Joyce C. Fine, Florida International University
Eilyn Sanabria, Florida International University
Obi Lawrence, Florida International University

Predicting Early Reading Achievement: identifying Effective Assessment Tasks

Nora A. Vines, Appalachian State University

Exploring iPad Technology Integration in a Middle Grades Science Classroom: M-TPACK as a Framework for developing Students' Science and Digital Literacies

Nance S. Wilson, SUNY Cortland
Vicky I. Zygouris-Coe, University of Central Florida
Victoria Cardullo, Auburn University
Lourdes Smith, University of Central Florida