American Reading Forum Online Yearbook - Volume XXXIV 2014

Looking Back to Move Ahead with the Common Core State Standards


Linda Haling, Illinois State University

Robyn Seglem, Illinois State University


Associate Editors

Wendy Kaiser, University of Massachusetts Amherst,

Christi Edge, Northern Michigan University,

Vicky Cardullo, Auburn University,



Megan Adams, Kennesaw University,

Bethney Bergh, Northern Michigan University,

Matthew Blankenship University of South Florida

Abby Cameron-Standerford, Northern Michigan University,

Lessie L. Cochran, Bowling Green State University

Tami Dean, Illinois State University,

David Koppenhaver, Appalachian State University,

Mary Jane McIlwain, Auburn University,

Carla Meyer, Duquesne,

Emily Pendergrass, Vanderbilt University,

Sherron Roberts, University of Central Florida,

Brandon Sams, Auburn University,

Patsy Self Trand, Florida International University,

Patricia Watson, Texas Woman’s University,

Jeanine Wilker, Western Illinois University,


Keynote Drawings and Notes by Steve Kroeger

Norman Stahl Keynote

Bonnie Lash Freeman Keynote

Janet Allen Keynote



Do the CCSS Support Developmentally Responsive Teaching of Young Adolescents?

Nance Wilson, SUNY Cortland
Carla Meyer, Duquesne University
Laurie Ramirez, Appalachian State University

Morphemic Decoding Instruction for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

David Koppenhaver, Appalachian State University
Barbara Wollak, University of St. Thomas

Preservice Teachers Ponder the Power of Poetry

Michelle R. Ciminelli, Niagara University

What’s Wrong with the Core? Analyzing the Common Concerns around Disciplinary Literacy and the Use of Expository Texts

Patricia Watson, Texas Woman’s University
Holly Johnson, University of Cincinnati
Shelly Sheats Harkness, University of Cincinnati

(Re)Seeing Teacher Education Practices through Visual Literacy

Bethney Bergh, Northern Michigan University
Christi Edge, Northern Michigan University
Abby Cameron-Standerford, Northern Michigan University
Sandy Imdieke Northern Michigan University
N. Suzanne Standerford, Northern Michigan University
Laura Riessner, Northern Michigan University

When Scientifically-Based Instruction May Not Be: Theory to Reinterpret Student Failure
to Respond to Intervention

Amy Williams, University of North Georgia
David Koppenhaver, Appalachian State University

How do I Teach ELs with the Common Core?

Joyce Fine, Florida International University
Eilyn Sanabria, Florida International University
Carolyn O’Gorman-Fazzolari, Florida International University