American Reading Online Yearbook - Volume XXXII 2012


Teachers’ Perception of Parental Engagement in their Children’s School-Based Writing Development
Helen Barnes and Joyce C. Fine

Fostering Graduate Education Majors’ Dispositions toward Teaching Content Reading through a Transdisciplinary Approach
Stephanie M. Bennett and Janet Richards

Teachers' Instructional Time in Reading and Material Usage
Melissa Davis, Olga Flamion and Joyce C. Fine

How Students Comprehend Using E-readers and Traditional Text: Suggestions from the Classroom
Vicky Cardullo, Vicky Zygouris-Coe and Nance S. Wilson

Extending Relevant Teacher Education Beyond Traditional Schooling
Gail Choice

From the Student’s Perspective: What Makes a Great Reading Teacher?
Sierra Furst, Stephanie Gray and Sarah Kennedy

Teachers as Readers? Readers as Teachers?  An Analysis of Readers’  (and Nonreaders’) Performance in Literacy Courses
Deborah Harris, Linda Serro and Nancy L. Williams

Designing High-Quality Professional Development: Scaffolding Secondary Content-Area Teachers’ Discipline Literacy Instruction  
Carla K. Meyer, Nora A. Vines and Rebecca K. Shankland

The Role of Questioning as Thinking on Readers’ Ability to Interact with Text
Tammy Stafford, Nance S. Wilson and Israel “Izzy” Sanabria

Digital diet: Adolescents investigating the politics of food and farming through 21st Century storytelling
Trevor Thomas Stewart and Jeff Goodman

The Top Ten Qualities of an Effective Reading Teacher
Nicholas Tonegato and Cindy Hendricks

Meeting of the minds: A comparison of thinking processes exhibited during reading and math think-alouds.
Karri Williams and Martha Hopkins

Uncovering Teachers’ Beliefs Through the Development of a Vision Statement
Nance S. Wilson.


Problems Court Papers

Discipline Literacy: Looking Back to Move Forward
Carla K. Meyer, Trevor Thomas Stewart, Gary B. Moorman and William Brozo

Minding the Gap: Navigating Chasms of Confusion and Fogs of Frustration--A Problems Court
N. Suzanne Standerford, Jan M. Sabin, Derek Anderson, Christi Edge, Joseph Lubig and Abby Cameron-Standerford