American Reading Online Yearbook - Volume XXXI 2011

2011 Keynote Addresses

Painted Literacy: Lens and Light, Celebrating the Tools that Help Us See Text

Sarah Dowhower, Miami University of Ohio, Retired

Growing Capacity with Literary Vocabulary:  The Megaclusters Framework

Elfrieda H. Hiebert, TextProject & U of California, Santa Cruz

Celebrating the Text We Use: What We Know and How We Know It—A Reaction,

Nance S. Wilson, Lourdes University


2011 Papers

College Students’ Textbook Reading, or Not!
Kylie Baier, Bowling Green State University
Cindy Hendricks, Bowling Green State University
Kiesha Warren Gorden, Ball State University
James E. Hendricks, Ball State University
Lessie Cochran, Bowling Green State University

Celebrating What Children Comprehend: Using a Rubric for Written Retellings of Narrative Text
Joyce C. Fine, Florida International University
Pamela K. Mosser, Broward County Public Schools

“This They Believe”: An Examination of the Texts Preservice Teachers Know and How They Know Them.
Penny Soboleski, Bowling Green State University

Using Teacher Observation to Guide Improvements
Nance S. Wilson, Lourdes University

Previous Papers

Adolescents’ Developing Literacy: What’s the Use of Technology?
Joyce C. Fine, Florida International University
Lynne D. Miller, Florida International University