Gary Moorman Outstanding Graduate Student Research Paper Award

About this Award:

This award recognizes the promising research contributions of the next generation of ARF literacy scholars. The award will recognize an outstanding research paper that reflects the student’s presentation at the annual ARF conference and that has not been previously published. Because only one award will be granted each year the research (and the paper) should be of very high quality. The recipient will be announced at the Annual ARF Board Meeting and Opening Session of the conference and will be a featured guest at the Graduate Student Mentoring Session. He/She will also receive a plaque and a conference registration fee waiver.

Evaluation Criteria and Guidelines:

The paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The research paper should be original, innovative, and of significant potential
    for literacy research and instruction.
  • Paper should adhere to the APA Publication Manual format, 6th edition.
  • Paper should include the following components:
    • Abstract of less than 250 words (as outlined in the APA Publication Manual)
    • Research Question(s)
    • Rationale for the importance of the question(s)
    • Methods
    • Results (including selected figures if appropriate)
    • Discussion of the Findings (and their significance)
    • Methodological Limitations
    • Implications of the Study (and next research steps)
    • References, Tables, Figures and Images (should be included as separate pages using APA style)
  • The paper should be between 15-25 pages submitted in the most current APA format.
  • Deadline for nomination package and paper submission is October 15.

Guidelines for Nomination and Submission

The following outline the process for nomination and paper submission:

  • At the time of the award application, the student must be a currently enrolled
    graduate student (not post-doctoral) at a US university and a member of ARF.
  • Nominated students must also agree to attend the Annual ARF Conference and to serve as a featured guest at the Graduate Student Mentoring Session.
  • The applicant's Graduate Advisor must submit a letter of nomination for the award
    indicating why this student’s research is worthy of the Gary Moorman
    Outstanding Graduate Student Research Paper Award.
    • The nomination letter should address the criteria being used by the committee to evaluate the research (see above).
    • The letter should also include a statement indicating that the majority of the work done for this research was completed by the student. In the case of multi-authored publications, the advisor should indicate the individual contributions of each author.
  • Deadline for nomination and submission of the paper is October 15.

Submission Guidelines:

A copy of the paper and letter of endorsement from a mentoring professor, which outlines the originality and contributions that the essay makes to the field of reading, should be submitted via email to the editorial committee. The awardee’s mentoring professor is responsible for mentoring the student through the entire submission and revision process as a demonstration of cultivating young researchers in the field of reading research and publication.

Proposed Timeline for Submissions:

August – selection of potential graduate students for the award

September – preparation for proposal submission (guided by the student’s mentoring professor)

October 15– nomination and submission due

November 15 – Committee’s selection of the recipient

December – Annual ARF Conference Board Meeting (selection of the recipient)

  • Announcement of the recipient

December – Opening Session of the Conference

  • Announcement of the recipient, presentation of fee waiver, “Invitation to Present at Graduate Student Mentoring Session”, and plaque

January – update of the plaque

February-April – preparation of the manuscript

April – submission of the manuscript

October – conference registration

December – presentation at the Graduate Student Mentoring Session


All nominations should be sent to Vicky Zygouris-Coe (