Minutes for Board Meeting


December 7, 2005 – Sundial, Sanibel Island


Jill Lewis called the business meeting to order at 5:00 P.M.


1.                  Opening Announcements – Jill welcomed all in attendance. She encouraged everyone to verify that their list serve e-mail is correct. Jill thanked this year’s Board of Directors for all of their work and support this past year.

2.                  Approval of Agenda – The business meeting’s agenda was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

3.                   Approval of Minutes – It was moved and seconded to approve the Board Meeting minutes from the May, 2005, meeting at the International Reading Association Annual Conference.  Related to these minutes, the clarification was made that the ARF conference at Marco Island cost approximately $10,000 which was approximately $2000 more than AFT typically spends at the Sanibel Resort.  This information is now accurately reflected in the May 2005 minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.

4.                  Treasurer’s Report – Sarah Dowhower reported that the cost of last year’s conference was $10,435.  Currently ARF has just over $26,000 in its treasury.  After paying for the 2005 conference the ARF treasury will have just over $10,000, which makes the treasury in good shape. The Treasurer’s report was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

5.                  Committee Reports – The following reports were made:

a.       Nominations/Elections – Joyce Fine reported that three new Board Members were elected: Beth Frye, Wandra Hedrick and Enrique Puig.  Joyce also announced that Michael French and Cindy Hendricks were elected by the Board as next year’s Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively.

b.       Membership -- Brenda Townsend reported that the current membership is 95 and that 91 members are attending the conference.  The membership includes 13 graduate students who also participated in the conference.  Brenda requested that members verify the correctness of their e-mail and postal addresses before leaving the conference so that ARF has accurate contact information. She also asked members to check whether or not they wanted to be part of the ARF listserve.  Brenda encouraged members to sign up for committees because in ARF, the committee assignments do not roll over from year to year.

c.       Publications – Bob Schlagal reported that from the 2004 conference, 17 papers were submitted.  Of these, 6 were rejected, 2 accepted outright, 9 accepted pending recommended revisions and 2 returned for major revisions. Additionally, Bob reported that the following individuals would be the new ARF Yearbook editors: George Hruby and Allison Hruby (both of Utah State University) and Jonathan Eckle and Rosa Aurora (both of John Hopkins University.

d.      Conference Program 2005 – Randy and Jo Ann Bass reported that the 2005 conference is running smoothly as planned.

e.       Proposal Review – Bob Schlagal reported for Beth Frye that proposals for the 2006 ARF conference will be submitted electronically.  The call for proposals, including the electronic proposal form will soon be on the ARF website.

f.       Budget – Sarah Dowhower reported that the expected income for this year is $18,000 and that the expected expenses are $18,000.  She also reported that in reviewing the budget since 1996, she noted that ARF members have contributed $14,000 towards graduate student scholarships.  It was moved and seconded to approve the budget.  The budget was unanimously approved.

g.      Site Committee – Jill reported for Suzanne Lapp that the ARF conference contract with the Sundial Resort has been extended through 2007. This extension was negotiated because of the need to relocate the 2004 ARF conference to Marco Island due to hurricane damage to the Sundial Resort last year. Jill asked the members if ARF should negotiate with the Sundial Resort to establish a new three-year contract that would keep the ARF conference at this location through 2010.  It was moved and seconded to have ARF pursue this contract. The motion was approved, so the new Chair will work to negotiate this contract with the Sundial Resort.

h.      Public Relations – Michael French reported that the 2005 Shrimp Fest has been planned and is a go.

i.        Service Award – Joyce Fine reported that at the afternoon luncheon, Gary Moorman was awarded the American Reading Forum Brenda S. Townsend Service Award. She also reported that as a result of receiving this award, he would also receive life membership to the American Reading Forum.

j.        Graduate Student Mentoring and Scholarships – The GSMS committee awarded six $300.00 scholarships to the following graduate students who presented at this year’s conference: Jessica Buell, Tina Cash, Debra Pane, Cindy Ramsey, Connie Rosenbalm and Penny Soboleski.

k.      International Projects – Sharon Kossack reported that this past year the International Projects committee sent out announcements to ARF members about opportunities for presenting and publishing at international conferences.

6.                  Old business – none

7.                  New business

a.       Conference Program 2006 – Bob Schlagal reported for Beth Frye that the theme for the conference is Language and Literacy: Pedagogies for Schools and Cultures.  He also announced that Tom Gill and Tim Rasinski are among the keynote speakers.

b.      Conference Program 2007 – George Hruby announced that plans for the 2007 conference are underway.

c.       Cosponsored sessions – Michael French reported that ARF will have a co sponsored session at the International Reading Association annual conference in Chicago in May, 2006.  The session has been planned for 4-5 pm at Lakeside Center McKormic Place.  This session will be followed by an ARF social.  Michael thanked Joyce Fine for putting together an Organization for Teacher Educators in Reading (OTER) co-sponsored session at our 2005 ARF conference.  He reported that there was an ARF co-sponsored session at the College Reading Association conference this year.  Michael requested that members send requests for co-sponsored meetings for this next year to him or to Beth Frye.


Jill thanked committee chairs for their work this past year and for their reports.  She also thanked the Board Members for their work and support. 


Jill then thanked Donna Alverman for her for contribution to ARF and the graduate student scholarship fund through her Donna-for-a-Day consulting efforts. Jill reported that while the initial plan was for Donna to work with the institution that bid the most for her consultation services. However, Jill explained that Donna felt this arrangement might leave out institutions with fewer funds, so she went to each institution that bid.  Her work resulted in $4000.00 being added to the Graduate Student Scholarship fund.


Michael French presented a gift to Jill and thanked her for all of her work as Chair of ARF for the past two years.


8.                  Adjournment – It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn the business meeting.