Business Meeting

December 10, 2008 – Sundial, Sanibel Island


Beth Frye called the meeting to order at 5:36.


Beth Frye welcomed all in attendance and thanked the chairs of this yearÕs conference. She recognized the outgoing board member, Enrique, and in the outgoing treasurer, Sarah. She then introduced remaining and new members of the board.


SecretaryÕs Report:

Devery Mock presented the minutes from the 2007 meeting. Motion to approve was made. Second. No abstentions. Passed unanimously.


TreasurerÕs Report:

Sarah Dowhower gave the treasurerÕs report. She explained that the organization is currently 4,272.21 in the black. She stated that the gain is due to the increase in the registration/membership fee.


Budget Committee Report:

Sarah Dowhower gave this report and presented the budget.


Membership Committee Report:

Brenda Townsend gave this report. She reported 124 members in attendance.


Nomination/Election Committee Report:

Michael French reported that Sarah Pulte and Larry Baines have been elected as new board members. Additionally, Cheryl McLean and Lynn Miller have been elected chair and vice-chair respectively. Karen Douglas has agreed to serve as treasurer..


Conference 2008 Committee Report:

Gary Moorman reported that the conference was going well.


Publication Committee Report:

No report


Graduate Student Mentoring Committee Report:

Michael French gave this report. He announced that he will be holding a graduate-student mentoring session Saturday morning at 8AM. Michael then presented four graduate students with scholarships: Hope Davis, Katie Blackburn, Kelly Wilson, and Jennifer Fong.


Call to Forum Committee Report:

Sara Runge reported 31 participants this year.


International Project Committee Report:

Connie Ulmer gave this report and detailed the aim and activities of this committee.


Brenda S. Townsend Service Award Committee Report:

Donna Alvermann gave this report. As Sarah Dowhower received this award, she will now serve as chair of this committee.


Website Committee Report:

Gary Moorman reported and asked that if members find problems with the website, they report this information to Gary. He asked presenters to email powerpoints from the conference so that they can be posted on the website. He announced that the address of the listserv has changed. If people are not getting regular messages from ARF they should contact Gary.


Conference Program 2009 Committee Report:

Enrique Puig provided this report. Enrique and Nance Wilson will be co-chairing this conference. He presented the flyer that will be used to advertise this conference.


Conference Program 2010 Committee Report:

Michael French reported that the focus of this conference will be on authorship and the  tools that authors use to create texts. He has been in contact with Lois Lowery and Will Clay as a potential keynote speakers.


Old Business:



New Business:

Michael French addressed shrimpfest. Sundial will not allow any more than 6 individuals to congregate in a condo. Sundial is also charging $800 (negotiated to $500) to house the shrimpfest. Thus, we have found a new venue for shrimpfest this year. He explained that we need to decide whether we want to have future Friday night events. He asked the membership whether we should have formal activities on Friday night. The issue was opened for discussion. Michael concluded that shrimpfest at Sundial will be discontinued and another option/venue will be located.


Beth Frye formally thanked Marion Tonjes for her presentation at lunch.


Enrique Puig formally thanked Beth for her service as president.





Beth Frye adjourned the meeting at 6:13 pm.