American Reading Forum

23rd Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Sundial Beach Resort, Sanibel Island FL

9 December 2002



1.   Opening announcements                                                                                     M. Laine


Missy welcomed the members and announced the time and place for this evening’s Shrimp Boil.


2.   Approval of Agenda                                                                                             M. Laine


Agenda approved as submitted.


3.   Approval of Minutes                                                                                            M. Laine


The minutes of 7 December 2001 were approved as submitted.


4.   Treasurer’s Report                                                                                              Townsend for Dowhower


Sarah compiled a 10-year report on the ARF budget.  Yearbook expenses for 2002 were quite high but will decrease sharply for 2003.  Conference expenses will rise next year.  As of 12/06/02, we had a balance of $14, 266.00 and this year our balance looks to be about the same though we still have unreported income and expenses for this year’s conference.


5.   Committee Reports


a.   Nominations and Elections                                                                                Hager


The number of people voting this year was 146.  New Board members for 2003 are Terry Bullock, Lessie Cochran, and Jill Lewis.  Joyce Fine will serve as chair and Jill Lewis as vice-chair in 2003.


b.   Membership                                                                                                     Townsend


We have 128 paid-up members as of this date.  The number of students in this total is twenty-seven.


c.   Publications                                                                                                      Moorman


Manuscripts submitted totaled 26, of which 23 were published.  This total included one keynote, 1 multi-personed panel, and 18 individual papers.


d.   Yearbook Editorial Advisory                                                                            Moorman


Gary demonstrated how the Yearbook appears online.  He gave a special thank-you to all the students who helped in mounting the yearbook.  All editions of the Yearbook are now available in PDF format and can be downloaded with the push of one button.  This should solve the problem of hard-copy availability.  Gary asked that when papers are submitted for publication they be sent as straight Word documents with no frills.  If you’d like to make hyperlinks or other fancy stuff, email or bracket what you’d like to do.  We have need of an electronic style sheet.  The site will have directions for citing on-line sources soon.  Please proofread both HTML and PDF versions of your papers.  The site counter tracks how many and from where searches of the site originate.  If you want to use ARF publications for retention, merit, tenure considerations, remember that the more hits on the site, the better. 


e.   Conference Program                                                                                         Trathen/Schlagal


This year the preliminary program for the Conference was posted online and Woody and Bob suggest that we continue this practice.


f.    Call to Forum                                                                                                   M. Laine for Walpow


Dave Bishop coordinated this year’s Forum in Ray Walpow’s place.  (Thanks, Dave.)  Please email Ray with suggestions for next year’s books at


g.   Proposal Review                                                                                              Bullock


2003 Conference will be titled “Reading Research:  Has It Made a Difference in Student Learning?  Proposals are due 17 March 2003.


h.   Budget                                                                                                             Townsend for Dowhower


Our estimated Conference expenses will be somewhat higher next year.  We had $14,000 in expenses and $17,000 in income leaving us with a balance of $17,500 as of today.


i.    Graduate Student Mentoring                                                                             Bullock


Terry thanked scholarship donors and noted that one scholarship each year will be named in honor of Reed Motley.  Beginning next year, Randy Bass and Lynn Yribarren will co-chair this committee.  The 2002 scholarship winners are:  Deborah Earle, Karen Spector, Roz Gann, Bernadine Skowronski, Lisa Bauer, and  Bahar Hartmann (Reed Motley Scholarship winner).


j.    Site Selection                                                                                                    Ransom


ARF is booked at the Sundial through 2003.  Peggy and Suzanne Lapp narrowed an original list of nine possible properties to five probables.  Of these five, only two could actually provide the space and amenities ARF requires:  The Sundial and The Colony. (M/S/P) that ARF remain at the Sundial for the next three years.


k.   Public Relations                                                                                                Cochran


The Shrimp Fest will be tonight in Room P201.  Cost is slightly higher this year due to rising cost of shrimp.       


l.    Archives                                                                                                           Jerrolds


No report


m.  Bylaws                                                                                                             Hager


No report


6.   Old Business                                                                                                        M. Laine


Missy recommends mounting the ARF By-laws and Procedural Policies manual on the web site.


7.   New Business


a.   If we wish not to conflict with the dates for NRC, we need to change the dates for our conference.  (M/S/P) that we move the ARF Conference dates from December 6-9, 2003 to December 10-13, 2003.


b.   The Board requests that graduate students attending the Conference convene on the first night of the Conference—right after the Board meeting—to construct poster sessions on their research.


c.   The 25th anniversary of the organization will occur in 2004, and the conference theme—presented by Cindy Hendricks—will be “A Silver Jubilee of Reading:  Legacies, Realities, and Predictions.”


d.   The dates for the Conference will revert to a Wednesday through Sunday format for 2004 through 2006.


e.   Sharon Kossack proposed that ARF institute a special interest group for international education.  (M/S/P) to create such a group.


f.    Brenda Townsend thanked Missy Laine for her excellent service as ARF chair and presented her with a hat and vase.


Meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Alice Randlett, Secretary

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