American Reading Forum

22nd Annual Business Meeting

Sundial Resort

7 December 2001




1. Welcome and Opening Announcements                                                               Hager


Meeting called to order at 5:15 PM.  Suzanne Lapp spoke of her—and our—sadness at the death of her mentor and best friend, long-time ARF member Barbara Stone, who passed away in July of this year.


2. Approval of Agenda                                                                                               Hager


The agenda was approved as submitted.


3. Approval of Minutes                                                                                              Hager


Minutes of 30 April 2001 Board meeting held in New Orleans approved with the following spelling corrections:  Sara should be Sarah Dowhower, Ray Wolpow not Walpow, and George Hruby, not Ruby.  Jane praised the present Board members for their dedication and service to ARF and presented Ray Wolpow and Donna Alvermann (in absentia) with certificates for their participation on the Board.


4. Treasurer’s Report                                                                        Dowhower      


We are in better financial shape than last year thanks to the raise in dues.  The report was approved and we all gave kudos to Sarah for her excellent and diligent work as treasurer.


5.  Committee Reports


     a. Nominations and Elections (Hager)

     Suzanne Lapp and Bob Schlagel are new Board members.  Missy Laine will be chair

     in 2002 with Laurie Elish-Piper serving as vice-chair.  Bob and other members from Appalachian State have stepped in, upon Barbara Stone’s death, to coordinate next year’s conference.


     b. Membership (Dowhower for Townsend)

     We have 96 paid attendees and 101 paid members.


     c. Yearbook/Editorial Advisory (Trathen)

     Last yearbook submissions numbered 28 of which 4 were accepted outright, 4 rejected,

     and 20 returned to authors for revision.  Of these 20, 17 were accepted and 3 rejected.

     Only one keynoter, George Hruby, submitted a paper

     d.  Conference Program, 2001  (Bristor)

      Forty-seven proposals were received for this year’s conference and 42 were 

      scheduled.  One presentation was cancelled and 107 presenters are listed in

      the index to the program.  Valerie thanked Gary Moorman for stepping in to do the

       keynote, and acknowledged Jerry Johns for his luncheon speech.

e.       Call To Forum (Wolpow)

     Our co-sponsored presentation at IRA was very well-attended and it generated a

     two page mailing list of possible members.  The CRA-ARF joint session was also

     well-received and attended and it is his expectation that next year’s co-presentations

      will also be successful.  Ray commented on the excellence of this year’s Forum.


     f.  Budget (Dowhower)

     We should break even this year and end with a cushion of about $4000.00.


     g.  Graduate Student Mentoring/Scholarship (Bullock)

     The committee. presented scholarship awards to Laurie Palmer, Appalachian State University; Maureen Giblin, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Kriistina Montero, University of Georgia; and Michelle Love, Pat McBeth, and Renee Roseum all of Bowling Green State University.  Two recipients, Helen Robbins and Lynn Yribarren, were not at the Business Meeting.


     h.  Site Selection (Hager)

     The Sundial is booked through 2003


     g.  Public Relations (Gillespie-Hendricks for Cochran)

     The Shrimp Fest is ready to go tonight in Room S202.


     i.  Archives (Jerrolds)

     The archives are complete.


     j. Bylaws (Bristor for Alvermann)

     No proposed changes for this year.


6.  Old Business


Sarah reported on our tax-exempt status.  We paid $500.00 for our Federal ID number.  We are now 501.3C designees.  Both Wisconsin and Florida have granted us tax-exempt status and Wisconsin will give us a four or five year refund.  Florida granted the exemption just this year.  The Sundial will include sales tax and gratuity when computing the $7000.00 we are committed to pay them each year.


7.  New Business


Dates for the 2002 conference have been changed to December 7-9, with the Board meeting held on December 6th.  Rebecca Barr and Darrel Morris will keynote and the conference title is “Looking Forward, Looking Back:  Reading at the Crossroads.” The 2003 conference will be coordinated by the University of Cincinnati and is titled “Reading Research:  Has It Made a Difference in Student Learning?”


Gary Moorman led a discussion around whether we should make the ARF Yearbook an electronic-only publication.  He believes it will save money; provide improved access, and better archiving.  He gave the figure of $2500 for this year’s journal, and thinks it will only get cheaper.  Problems with this format include:  some people have no online access, and on-line articles are sometimes not considered in tenure decisions.  An offprint could be made at small cost for those who choose not to use the electronic version.  Motion (Hutchinson/Ransom) to approve was passed.


Jane gave thanks to Appalachian State for their fine work on the Yearbook.


Missy Laine and Woody Trathen presented Jane with a number of small (and silly) gifts and we all gave Jane accolades for her year as president.


Meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM.




Respectfully submitted,





Alice Randlett


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