Minutes for Board Meeting


December 7, 2005 – Sundial, Sanibel Island



Attendance: Jill Lewis, Michael French, Lessie Cochran, Terry Bullock, Mona Mathews, Cindy Hendricks, George Hruby, Joyce Fine, Sarah Dowhower, Brenda Townsend, Gary Moorman, Bob Schlagal, Beth Frye, Randy Bass, Jo Ann Bass, Lynne Miller (Recording Secretary)


Jill Lewis opened the meeting by welcoming those in attendance.


The minutes from the previous board meeting (May) were approved with the following clarification and subsequent amendment.  It was clarified that $10,434 was spent on last year’s conference when it was moved to Marco Island due to hurricane damage to the Sundial Resort.  This was approximately $2000 more than what is generally spent on the conference.  Therefore, Bob moved, Cindy seconded and it was unanimously approved to amend the minutes to cross show the increase as $2000 as opposed to the $8,800 written in the minutes.


Bob moved and Cindy seconded that the minutes be approved.  They were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report              

Sarah Dowhower presented a 10 year spreadsheet of the ARF treasury (1996-2005).


Sarah reported that we began last year with a balance of $20.000 and that now we have almost $26,000. This is the most ARF has had for some time.


Bob moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted, George seconded and the treasurer’s report was accepted unanimously.


Additionally, Sarah reported that she has renewed ARF’s Florida tax exempt status.




Brenda Townsend reported that as of this Board Meeting the current membership is 51.


It was noted that conference fees and dues for this year are the same as last: $60 = membership; $100 conference; and $150 = when membership and conference fees are paid together.




Joyce Fine reported results for this election for the ARF Board.  The following individuals were elected as incoming Board members: Beth Frye, Wanda Hedrick, and Enrique Puig.


Michael French was nominated by the Board as Chair.  Joyce Fine moved and Terry Bullock seconded this nomination.  This nomination was approved unanimously


Michael French nominated Cindy Hendricks for next year’s Vice Chair. Joyce Fine moved and Terry Bullock seconded the nomination. The vote was unanimous.  Cindy will by the new Vice Chair.


Joyce announced that the Service Award Committee had received several nominations and that a recipient has been selected.  This year’s recipient will be announced at the luncheon on Friday.


Conference 2005                  


Randy and Jo Ann Bass reported that the implementation of the 2005 conference plans is developing nicely.


A formal letter of thanks will be sent to Valdosta State University thanking them for supporting the conference re: various supplies (folders, etc.)




Bob Schlagal reported that from the 2004 conference, 17 papers were submitted.  Of these, 6 were rejected, 2 accepted outright, 9 accepted pending recommended revisions and 2 returned for major revisions.


It was announced that George Hruby will be the new ARF Yearbook editor along with Allison Hruby (both of Utah State University) and Jonathan Eckle and Rosa Aurora (both of John Hopkins University.  Papers from the 2005 yearbook will be due by March 1, 2006.


Jill shared a letter received from Sharon Kossack in which Sharon expressed concerns about the rigor of the Yearbook.  After discussion, it was decided that the Yearbook would include an introductory statement to inform readers of the purpose of the Yearbook and that it is a refereed publication that reflects the scholarly research of the American Reading Forum.

Donna for a Day                  


Terry Bullock reported that the Donna-for-a-Day auction earned $4,000.00 for the graduate student scholarship fund.


Graduate Student Mentoring and Scholarship


Randy Bass reported that the Graduate Student Mentoring and Scholarship Committee had conducted an online discussions related to graduate student scholarships.  Based on these discussions the following recommendations were made:

Randy moved and Terry seconded that the recommendations become the procedures for selecting and awarding graduate scholarships. The motion passed unanimously.


It was clarified that based on these procedures, $1,800.00 would be the maximum each year that could be awarded for graduate scholarships.


Randy announced that this would be his last year chairing this committee as he and Jo Ann will be retiring.  He will be working with Lynn Yribarren, the graduate student representative on the committee, to transition out of his Chair position. A new chair will need to be selected for this committee for the following year.


International Projects                      


Sharon Kossack submitted a written report to the Board indicating that this year the International Projects Committee notified ARF members of several opportunities to present and publish at international conferences.


It was suggested that if a comprehensive list of international work by ARF members and others (co-presenters or co-authors) is to be compiled by the International Projects committee, ARF members should be surveyed so that a comprehensive list of international work may be developed. It was also suggested that a distinction be made between those presentations that are officially co-sponsored by ARF and those made by individuals who happen to be members of ARF and others (co-presenters or co-authors).



Public Relations        


Michael French reported that the Shrimp Fest would be taking place Friday night. The cost would be $13.00 per person. The committee needed a count of those attending by 5:00 PM Thursday afternoon.


Michael also reported that ARF had advanced this year in establishing co-sponsored sessions at various meetings.  This year, ARF has had a co-sponsored session at the College Reading Association conference and will be having a co-sponsored session at the International Reading Association Conference in Chicago in May, 2006. Further, this year at ARF’s conference, the Organization of Teacher Educators in Reading (OTER) accepted an invitation to present a co-sponsored session.


Site Selection 


Jill Lewis reported for Suzanne Lapp that the ARF annual conference will remain at the Sundial Resort in Sanibel through the 2007 conference. The Sundial extended the contract for the conference through 2007 because the 2004 conference had to be relocated to Marco Island due to hurricane damage to the Sundial Resort and Sanibel Island.




Gary Moorman reported that currently the ARF website seems to be running smoothly. In the past he has been able to have two graduate students working on the website, with one being more experienced and mentoring the other.


Gary reported that this year neither of the website graduate students was able to attend the ARF conference, so his committee was returning $750.00 to the ARF treasury.


After discussion of budgetary needs for the Website Committee for this coming year, the Board unanimously approved a motion to allocated $3,200.00 for operational expenses. This amount would cover:

·         $750.00 for a website graduate student to attend next year’s ARF conference

·         $500.00 for technology consultation fees for 2 graduate students ($250.00 each)

·         $1,650.00 for one halftime graduate student to assist with the website

·         $300.00 for incidental website expenses, such as renewing domain names


Gary requested that conference participants send him digital photos of this year’s conference so that a photo scrapbook of the conference can be placed on the website.


Jill thanked Gary and his graduate student website assistants for all they have done on the website.





Conference Program 2006  


Beth Frye distributed a document detailing plans for the 2006 ARF conference. She pointed out that for this conference, all proposals would be submitted electronically.


Tom Gill and Tim Rasinski, two of the keynote speakers, would be paid an honorarium (not to include travel, lodging, or expenses) for their participation in the conference. Additionally, their 2006 conference and membership fees would be paid by ARF.


Jill thanked Beth for putting together great plans for the 2006 ARF conference.


Jill asked that conference program committees continue to identify keynote speakers that reflect wide ranges of diversity.


Conference Program 2007


George Hruby reported that he is working on developing the 2007 conference program.


New Business – None


Meeting adjourned