December 10, 2008 – Sundial, Sanibel Island


Members Present:

Enrique Puig

Cheryl McLean

Cindy Bertelsen

Sara Runge-Pulte

George Hruby

Michael French

Joyce Fine

Cassaundra El-Amin

Nance Wilson

Gary Moorman

Sarah Dowhower

Lynn Miller

Larry Baines

Brenda Townsend


Beth Frye called the meeting to order at 5:06.


Beth Frye welcomed all in attendance. Introductions were made. New members were welcomed.


SecretaryÕs Report: Devery Mock presented the minutes from the 2007 meeting. Motion to approve was made by Cassaundra El-Amin. Second. No abstentions.


Nomination/Election Report:

Michael French reported that ARF needs a new chair and vice-chair for next year. He described the roles of both of these positions. He asked for nominations. Joyce Fine nominated Lynn Miller. Beth Frye nominated Cheryl McLean. Nominations closed. Board members voted yielding 5 votes for Cheryl and 2 votes for Lynn. Michael asked Lynn if she would accept the position of vice-chair. Lynn accepted.


Michael French recommended that four graduate students who are presenting at the conference receive $250 scholarships—Hope Davis, Kelly Wilson, Katie Schull-Blackburn, Jennifer Fong. Beth Frye suggested that if additional funds come in, students be awarded $300. Called to vote. Recommendation passed unanimously.


TreasurerÕs Report:

Sarah Dowhower gave the treasurerÕs report. She explained that the organization is currently 4,272.21 in the black. She stated that the gain is due to the increase in the registration/membership fee. In 2006, conference expenses resulted in a loss of $6057. In 2007, the expenses resulted in an overall loss of $3338. Sarah then asked if there were ways to decrease food expenditures for upcoming conferences. Michael French recommended that we drop the shrimpfest on Friday evening. Discussion followed focusing on the problems that Sundial had with shrimpfest in 2007. Beth Frye explained that Sundial wanted to charge ARF $800 for use of a room for shrimpfest this year. Michael voiced concern about the effect that dwindling university resources may have on travel and ARF conference attendance. Gary Moorman voiced disappointment about discontinuing the shrimpfest as it is an event that makes ARF a unique conference. Michael raised the concern that although ARF funds pay for the shrimpfest room, not all members are involved in the event— it is open only to those who contribute for the shrimp. Gary suggested that the board make their dissatisfaction known to Sundial. Sarah Dowhower presented the option that the board cancel shrimpfest this year and then discuss the event for upcoming years at the business meeting. Gary offered the second option of charging more for this yearÕs shrimpfest. Beth asked for a recommendation. She asked whether this was something ARF wanted to try to negotiate or whether the organization wanted to find another venue. Michael suggested we cancel the shrimpfest at Sundial and find an alternate venue. Motion made to cancel shrimpfest for this year and finding an alternate venue for this year. Second. Passed unanimously.


Sarah Dowhower then reported that during the audit the auditor told her that  if pay guest speakers more than $600,we must submit an 1199 tax form.


Sarah Dowhower reported that during the past year she searched for a CPA to audit the books. Carla R. Denhartigh, CPA did a low level (fee $300) audit of our books. Sarah submitted the CPAÕs report. A motion was made to accept the treasurerÕs report. Second. Passed with no abstentions.


Beth Frye formally thanked Sarah Dowhower for her years of service. All present applauded SarahÕs work.


Beth Frye indicated that she has not been able to find someone willing to serve as treasurer. Beth asked for recommendations of individuals who could be approached for this position. Brenda Townsend suggested Karen Douglas. Cassaundra El-Amin volunteered to serve as treasurer if Karen Douglas declines the position.


Membership Committee Report

Brenda Townsend gave the Membership Committee Report. She stated that pre-registration is up this year. Presently we do not accept purchase orders, credit card payment, or on-line payment. Brenda will send the member directory as an email attachment after the conference. Brenda also provided a paper copy of committee chairs.


Conference Committee Report

Gary Moorman gave a conference update and provided copies of conference program.


Publication Committee Report

George Hruby reported that we currently have 5 papers for this yearÕs yearbook. We seem to be having a web-site problem—Google searches do not link to papers in the yearbook. George also reported that next year is his (and AlisonÕs and JonathanÕs) last year as Publication Committee chairs. He is in the process of finding a successor.


Call to Forum Report

Sara Runge-Pulte reported that Bill Brozzo will be participating this year.


International Project Report

Cheryl McLean  provided this report. She proposed having an international scholar as a presenter at next yearÕs conference. Because there is no budget for international projects, international presenters must find funding or take on the cost of participation. This may be a problem for which creative solutions are needed. Cheryl asked that ideas be emailed to her or Connie Ulmer.


Service Award Committee Report

Joyce Fine gave this report. On behalf of the committee, Joyce made the motion that the recipient of the service award then serve as the committee chair in the following year. Motion passed with one person in opposition and no abstentions.


Web Site Report

Gary Moorman provided a budget totaling $4750 needed for the operation of the ARF website


Conference Program 2009

Nance Wilson provided this report. She indicated that her name has been omitted as co-chair of next yearÕs conference. She asked that the board correct this mistake. Enrique and Nance have been in contact with several potential keynote speakers.


Conference Program 2010

Michael French reported that the focus of this conference will be on the creation of authorship, stories, and different literacies. He has been in contact with Lois Lowery as a potential keynote speaker.


Old Business 



New Business






Meeting adjourned 7:04 pm.