American Reading Forum
Minutes, Business Meeting
May 4, 2004
IRA Conference, Reno, Nevada


Agenda  Moved, seconded and approved


Minutes Moved and approved with one correction: The coordination of the review of proposals for the 2004 annual conference is being done by Cocherin (not Bertelson) and Hendricks.


Treasurer’s Report    The treasurer’s report was distributed.  Following this, a discussion ensued that focused on the issue of ARF purchasing a new server for each new editorial team. The server would remain at the university of the editorial team after a new editorial team was selected. It was pointed out that ARF has saved substantially by having the journal move to its online format. With this savings, it is reasonable to purchase a new server for each editorial team. Additionally, the new servers reflect updated technology, and a vision for the journal is to have video streaming and other features that will continue to be enhanced with newer technology. Gary Moorman is going to investigate and write out specifications for a server.  Gary projected that at this time, a new server would cost approximately $4650.00Any server purchased by ARF could have input from the host editorial team, however the approval for the purchase would be by the ARF Board. If the host editorial board wanted to purchase a server that was outside the amount designated by the board, the host editorial team would need to submit a written justification explain how the added features were going to benefit ARF. Gary Moorman indicated that the next purchase of a new server would occur by next year’s conference (2005), as the editorial team would be changing at that time. Gary was asked to bring an outline of requirements for the editorial team to the 2004 December meeting (ex. Technology support necessary; graduate assistant help necessary, etc.) Gary pointed out that the current editorial team has seen that it is important to separate the editorial aspect of the journal preparation from the website aspect due to the time demands required by each aspect.

Action: It was moved and seconded to approve the allocation of money for a new server for the next editorial team.  The motion passed unanimously.

Action: It was moved and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report. The motion passed unanimously.

Archives No new report

Bylaws  No recommendations at this time

Call to forum  At this time, the committee is in the process of selecting the books.

Conference (2004)       Members will be requested to make submissions for the 10 year poem.  The poem will be delivered at the opening session on Thursday morning. The conference committee is working on having something special for the luncheon.  For example, perhaps there would be a kiosk type power point of memorable ARF moments that would run at the luncheon.

Editorial Advisory      It was reported that 22 papers have been submitted.  With the new publication schedule, the editorial team should have them up on time.The editorial team continues to monitor developments with ERIC.

Graduate Student Mentor.  Was this for each institution?  Wasn’t Randy going to send something to Board members for consideration??????      The board discussed the graduate student scholarships. Last year 12 scholarships ($150.00 each) were awarded. At the conference, $1700.32 was raised, so only $99.00 was taken from the ARF budget cover the amount awarded. The committee sought guidance from board: What is our intent with the scholarships – give one to every graduate student or choose one graduate student (or a limited number) who would receive a more substantial scholarship.

Action: The following motion was moved and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Motion:  A scholarship will be given to 2 graduate students and to 1 teacher.Paper must be submitted at the time students are nominated.  the quality of the proposal used to be how students were selected back to 2 or 3 awards – interviewed at conference – submit paper at time know nominated – paper written – September 15 is the deadline for graduate student proposals. (This is one month before the October 15 deadline for keeping the room blocks for the conference.)It is required that the individuals receiving the scholarship must submit their paper to the yearbook.

International project  No motions – see report

Membership   An informational report will be put on website before June 1 along with the preliminary program.

Nominations/elections   The nominations committee will be asking for nominations between now and October, 2004.

Proposal review  The proposals for the 2004 conference are being reviewed.

Public relations  Was Michael F. to send Board members info on this?    It was reported that after the Shrimp Fest at the 2003 annual conference, money remaining from the dinner was donated to the Graduate Student Scholarship fund. The reason there was a small amount of money remaining is that a few members paid for the Fest after the shopping had already been completed. A discussion was held related to the idea of producing a t-shirt that members could purchase that would help fund the scholarship fund.

Action: The following motion was moved, seconded and unanimously passed.

Motion: A commemorative t-shirt will be developed for the 2004 conference.  The t-shirt will be sold for approximately $10.00 each.  The money raised from the sail of the t-shirts will be contributed to the scholarship fund

Publications    See discussion and motion under Treasure Report

Website   See discussion under Treasurer Report

Conference program 2004     It was reported that the 2004 conference program is complete.

Conference program 2005     It was reported that the 2005 conference program is beginning to take shape.  The theme for the conference will be – The Next Big Thing.  What is being predicted as the next big thing, the panacea du jour, related to reading/literacy?The committee is looking for a key speaker who could look to the field as a futurist – perhaps Jack Cassidy.

Old business   None

New business
§         Beth Frye will serve as chair for the 2006 conference.

§         Jill Lewis had introduced the idea of ARF awarding a Service Award at the annual conference.  An email was sent to Board members seeking their approval of this, and it was received. Joyce Fine is heading this committee.  Through discussion, it was proposed that this be an award for continuous service to ARF. 

Action: It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that the first Service Award would be given at the 2004 annual conference. Joyce Fine will chair a committee consisting of Brenda Townsend, Cindy Hendricks, and Lynne Miller.  This committee will develop guidelines for this award, solicit nominations via the ARF website, and select a winner.

Adjournment   As all business for this meeting had been completed, it was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to adjourn the meeting.


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