American Reading Forum Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Radisson Hotel, Marco Island
ARF Board Meeting, 5-7 P.M.

In attendance: Jill Lewis, ARF Chair; Jo Ann Bass; Randy Bass; Cynthia Bertelsen; David Bishop; Terry Bullock; Lessie Cochran; Joyce Fine; Mike French; Susan Lapp; Mona Mathews; Lynne Miller; Gary Moorman; Peggy Ransom; Bob Schlagal; Brenda Townsend; Lynn Yribarren

1. Jill Lewis, Chair of ARF, welcomed the board to the meeting and reviewed the agenda, and the agenda was approved. The minutes from the May meeting (which were online) were approved.

2. The Treasurer’s Report, including the proposed 2005 budget and fiscal report for 2003-2004, was reviewed and approved. The Treasurer also provided a cost comparison chart for 1005-2004. The Chair presented this report for the Treasurer.

3. Committee Reports:

a. Archives Committee: Joyce Fine reported that the process for housing the ARF archives at Florida International University is going well.

b. Conference Committee: Cochran and Burtelsen announced that the reception for the current conference will be held in Room 1402 and that the Radisson has done a good job in supporting the transition of this conference from the Sundial.

c. Graduate Student Mentor Committee: Randy Bass and Lynn Yribarren facilitated a discussion related to support for graduate students at the ARF Annual Conference. It was agreed that these requirements need to be revisited at the board meeting in San Antonio. Jill appointed a committee to make recommendations at that time. The result should be a new set of requirements for scholarships.

d. International Projects Committee: The report would be provided at the ARF business meeting.

e. Membership Committee: Brenda Townsend presented a membership report which was reviewed by the board. As of December 1, 2004, ARF had a total of 66 members (46 individual; 12 joint; 8 students).

f. Nominations and Election Committee: Joyce Fine presented the report for the committee. Cindy Hendricks and George Hruby were elected as new ARF Board Members. Fine recommended that the Board set a policy to deal with tie votes. She also reported that the total cost for the 2004 elections was $94.63.

Recognizing her outstanding contributions, the Board asked that Jill Lewis remain as Chair for another term. Jill agreed to do so, and as a result, Joyce Fine will remain as the Past Chair for another term. Mike French was elected by the Board to be ARF’s Vice-Chair.

g. Public Relations Committee: Mike French reported that the committee was able to make arrangements so that the Shrimp Fest could be part of this conference.

h. Publications Committee: Bob Schlagal and Woody Trathen provided a report that stated that the Editorial Board received 21 papers. Five were rejected, six were accepted and ten were to be revised and resubmitted. April 2005 was the target date for the online publication of papers from the 2003 conference. The ARF Board was reminded that 2005 was the last year for the current editorial group. The committee encouraged that a new editorial team be identified soon so that a smooth transition could be made.

i. Service Award Committee: Joyce Fine reported that the committee had worked on the initiation of an ARF Service Award. The committee had developed guidelines and decided on the first recipient of the award. The recipient would be named at the ARF luncheon.

j. Site Selection Committee: ARF has a contract with the Sundial for 2 more years. The Site Committee will begin looking at sites in 2005 for the three years after the Sundial contract has expired. Because of the site change in 2004 due to the hurricane, the committee will inquire whether the Sundial will extend the current contract by one year. Peggy Ransom has given notice of her resignation as Committee CoChair. She was thanked for her contribution. Susanne Lapp agreed to continue as CoChair and to identify another person to work with her.

k. Website Committee: Gary Moorman reported that the new ARF server is online and working well. New server is online and working well. Total cost was $4302.90 ($4101.22 for the server and $201.68 for the tower). ARF paid $4462.89, therefore is a $159.99 credit due ARF; he suggested that we take that off the ARF portion for the GA this year ($1625-$159.99=$1465.01) The Board approved that this amount would be deducted from the amount ARF pays for the GA that supports ARF so that the accounts are even (ASU will contribute the $159.00 amount to the GA’s salary, normally $1625). Gary announced that Karen Arthur is the current GA and is working well.

Gary reported that he will continue to serve as Website coordinator through the initial term of this team of editors and that he would serve another three year term after that if the Board approved. The Board unanimously approved the three year extension of his term as Website Coordinator.

Gary reported that the APA formatting and editing of the online journal articles are going well.

The following funds were requested and approved by the ARF Board: $1465.00 for GA for the fall, 2005 semester (note: the Dean of the COE at ASU provides funding for one semester and ARF for the other); $500 for Technical Support; $750 to send Karen Arthur to ARF in 2005; and, $100.00 for Secretarial Support)

l. 2004 Conference Program Committee: It was reported that there are 121 total participants on the program and that reactors had been identified for the sessions.

m. 2005 Conference Program Committee: It was reported that names have been solicited for speakers for general sessions. It was clarified that there are no stipends for speakers who are ARF members. Outside speakers are sometimes provided a travel stipend of $300 to $400 dollars.

n. 2006 Conference Program Committee: Beth Frye from Appalachian State University will be the program chair for this conference.

4. Old Business: There was no old business.

5. New Business:

a. There is a need to streamline who serves on committees and who serves as chairs. There should be a motion detailing this at the May Board Meeting.

b. The Board approved the motion to have a reciprocal cosponsored session at the ARF and the College Reading Association (CRA) annual conferences. Mike French will also explore other conferences at which ARF might have a cosponsored session, such as NRC.

c. Terry Bullock announced that he had brought three vintage books from his collection (children’s readers) that he was offering to members through an auction. The funds raised through the auction would be given to the ARF scholarship fund. The Board thanked Terry for his generous and innovative action.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Lynne D. Miller, ARF Secretary


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