American Reading Forum Board Meeting

Monday, May 5, 2003

Peabody Hotel Board Room


Present:  Bass, Bullock, Cochran, Fine, Kossack, Laine, Lewis, Moorman, Piper


1.  Annoucement:  Fine, ARF's chair, reported that she had met with NRC's officers, Lee Gunderson and Lea McGee and other literacy organization representatives. The representatives agreed that there was a need for the organizations to work together. It was suggested that there be a board and that websites be linked so members have the benefit of access to information about all of the organizations. It was agreed that ARF could easily participate.


2.  Agenda. Approved with minor adjustments (addition of report from International Committee).


3.  Minutes are posted on the ARFOnline website. Board members are asked to review them and forward any changes or additions to Fine.


4.  Treasurer’s Report. Dowhower reported a balance of $10,541. Bullock made a motion (seconded by Lewis) to approve the Income Statement as accepted.


5.  Committee Reports.


a. Nominations/Elections committee will compile a slate of officers to be presented to ARF Members.  Suggestions were solited are solicited from the Board.


b. Membership. Townsend’s report indicated the current ’03 membership is 114.  One hundred-six people registered for the conference.  Mailing was conducted on-line. Forms were placed on the website and email message sent on the ARF listserv. A postcard was mailed to members directing them to the website.  Committee volunteers were compiled and forwarded to the committee chairs. The member master file (form 1987) was updated.  Conference information needs to be posted on the website soon, including a new letter from the chair, draft of the Dec. ’03 conference, program, and information on hotel registration information and airport transportation, Call to Forum books. These should be sent by June 1, 2003.  A postcard reminder will be sent to members and presenters.  An electronic transfer of funds to ARF’s bank account is planned, which would allow for email registration to ARF membership chair.  It was mentioned that the old ARF website appears on searches. The chair will request Dr. Marino to remove it from the UTenn. Server (UT u.r.l is:   http://www.explorers.tsuniv.edu/arf/)


c. Publications.  Moorman was commended for his work on ARFOnline, both the quality of the work and the savings to the organization. Lewis suggested that perhaps visuals could be added. She agreed to work with Moorman on a photo essay trial for ARF ’03, which will include key photos of key ARF events, e.g., Keynote, Call to Forum, Shrimp Fest, Beach Event, Mentoring session, and scholarship recipients.


d. Publications.  Moorman announced that all Dec. ’01  accepted articles were posted on the website. Proposed manuscripts (from Dec. ’02; 2 keynote presentations, 30 papers and 1 reaction paper) have been sent out for review.  He recommended that the editorial review Board hold more stringent standards for upcoming articles.


   Moorman  reminded the Board that the approximately $3,400 online Yearbook costs needs to be paid by December ‘03, as per vote of the membership, which is to pay for a server, software, and other things specified in the proposal.  The Board can anticipate further yearly expenses of $2,120 per year for the next two years.  He recommended that a sum be set aside to supply a server and appropriate support for the team that continues the online journal three years from now.  This was approved by the Board. He requested travel funds to the Dec. ’03 ARF for the graduate assistant who has launched and maintained the ARF website.  $500 was approved by the  Board.


e. Editorial Advisory.  Moorman reported:


Paper Submissions.  Thirty papers, 2 keynote addresses, and 1 reaction paper have been received and have been sent out for review. 


Copyright permissions. An article submitted with classic art/visuals set the parameters for attaining copyright permissions, which involved an impressive expenditure of time and effort on the part of the author, Sarah Dowhower.  Most sources agreed outright, others requested feeds, and some could only be included with u.r.l. link. Her work was of such benefit to ARF in terms of precedent and process, that she will be paid a one-time fee of $78 for her contribution to the editorial process.  The bylaws committee will draft a policy in cooperation with the review board to address this issue.  The concensus of the Board stressed the importance of such a policy and leaned toward including parameters for copyright, providing a form for securing copyright, and making it the author’s responsibility (both actual and financial) for doing so. Such guidelines will be drafted and will be included with the Call for Proposals.


f. Call to Forum.  No report


g. Proposal Review. Laine reported that forty-one proposals have been received for the ARF ’03 meeting, which have been sent out to the reviewers. Presentation slots will be held for Graduate Student presentations, which are due in September. 


h. Graduate Student Mentoring. Bass reported that there will be a June mailing of mentoring forms.


i. Site Selection. No report. 


j. Public Relations. Cochran reported that over 60 ARF members attended the Shrimp Dinner, which was under budget. There was $65.32 remaining, which will be donated to the Graduate Student Scholarship Fund for ARF ‘03. 


k. Bylaws/Parliamentarian. Laine reported that the bylaws are being reviewed and suggestions will be considered at the next meeting.


l. Archives. Fine reported that the archives at FIU serve as a public record for the organization.


m. International. Kossack’s report outlined activities following the unanimous membership approval of the creation of an International Committee at the Dec. ’03 meeting with two mandates:  providing resources and training to international literacy initiatives like those described in the proposal (Pan-Caribbean Reading Initiative in, but not limited to, Trinidad/Tobago, Bahamas, Guatemala).


Materials.  This year, ARF members have donated professional materials which will be distributed to these literacy projects. Reference pages and taped books have been created and submitted by students. A science student took an Alternative Spring Break in Abaco, Bahamas, to conduct  thermonuclear science projects  with the special education students (i.e., making ice cream in baggies and cooking on a solar stove). ARF members will be asked to bring professional materials and books to the Dec. ’03 meeting.


Training.  ARF members supported conferences in Mexico, Guatemala, and Trinidad/Tobago, which were attended by conferees from throughout Central America and the Caribbean.  An International Literacies Journal which will provide a searchable database of Caribbean-related articles and websites is being created.  Caribbean literacy sponsors are being gathered.  Currently Abaco’s Every Child Counts literacy and special education project (http:// www.fiu.edu/ ~kossacks/Every_Child _Counts), the Trinidad/Tobago and Guatemala Reading Associations have agreed to sponsor. Websites are being made for these two projects.  ARF  members will be invited to make presentations, submit manuscripts, and serve as reviewers for ILJ. 


6.  Old Business. None


7.  New Business


a. Yearbook.  Moorman urged the Board to secure a dedicated u.r.l. (americanreadingforum.org), which will cost $10/month to secure.  


b. Conference program ’04.   Hendricks forwarded a packet from the Conference Planning Committee, outlining the theme (A Silver Jubilee of Reading:  Legacies, Realities, and Predictions) and particulars. 


c. Conference program ’05. Jo Ann and Randy Bass have agreed to chair the 2005 program.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Kossack, Ph.D.

Florida International University

College of Education; Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction

Miami, FL  33199



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