American Reading Forum

23rd Annual Board Meeting

Sundial Resort

7 December 2002


Present: V. Bristor for S. Lapp, T. Bullock, L. Cochran, S. Dowhower, L. Elish-Piper, J. Fine, J. Hager, M. Laine (Chair), J. Lewis, J. Matanzo, P. Ransom, B. Schlagal, B. Townsend, W. Trathen


1.   Welcome and Opening Announcements                                                 M. Laine


Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM.  Missy Laine welcomed the group and gave thanks to program chairs for all their work.


2.   Approval of Agenda                                                                                 M. Laine


The agenda was approved as submitted.


3.   Approval of the Minutes                                                                         M. Laine


The minutes were approved as submitted.


4. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                     Townsend for Dowhower


Report dated 12/06/02.  Despite high Yearbook costs this year, we show a positive balance of $14,265.85.  Our conference costs this year are lower because of the Sales Tax Exemption.  (M/S/P to approve the Treasurer’s Report).


5.   Committee Reports


a.   Nominations and Elections                                                                    Hager


147 ballots were returned and the new Board members are Terry Bullock, Lessie Cochran, and Jill Lewis.  Joyce Fine is the Chair and Jill Lewis the new Vice Chair.


b.   Membership                                                                                         Townsend


We have 80 members as of this date, though 145 presenters are on the program, and we expect to gain quite a few new members during this conference.


c.   Publications and Yearbook Advisory (combined)                                  Moorman/Trathen


All ARF publications have now been scanned into the ARF web site and are available online.  All publications are in PDF format and can be downloaded by pushing one button at  We received 27 submissions for this Yearbook, including one keynote, one panel, two Problems Courts, one with six manuscripts and one with one, and 18 single papers.  23 of the 27 were published.  Discussion followed regarding copyright concerns and the sale of our publications.


d.   Conference Program.                                                                            M. Laine


2003 Conference title is ARF 2003:  Reading Research:  Has it Made a Difference in Student Learning?  2004’s title is American Reading Forum 2004:  A Silver  Jubilee:  Reading:  Legacies, Realities, and Predictions.


e.   Call to Forum                                                                                       M. Laine for Walpow


Ray is recovering from surgery and is unable to attend this year’s conference but he is willing to chair the committee next year.  This year’s books are Honky and Reading Don’t Fix No Chevies.


f.    Proposal Review                                                                                  Trathen


The late deadline for graduate student proposals makes the scheduling and reserving rooms a problem.


g.   Budget                                                                                                 Dowhower


Sarah presented a ten-year chart as the basis for this year’s budget.  While conference expenses will rise some, Yearbook expenses will fall considerably.  We have a balance of $14,265.85 as of 12/6/02.


h.   Graduate Student Mentoring                                                                 Bullock


As of today, Terry reported receiving six nominations for scholarships.  He has received $865.00 in donations to support the scholarships.  The Board (M/S/P) voted to contribute $335.00 for a sum of $1200.00 in order in give each student a $200.00 stipend.  Terry is seeking someone(s) to take on the task of chairing this committee.


i.    Site Selection                                                                                        Ransom


We are booked through 2003 at the Sundial.  Peggy presented the background to the problem of finding an equally suitable meeting place.  The choice boils down to the Sundial on Sanibel or The Colony at Sarasota.


j.    Public Relations                                                                                    Cochran


This year’s Shrimp Boil will be held Monday night.  The cost will rise to $13.00 each for shrimp and $8.00 each for non-shrimp.


  1. Archives                                                                                               Fine

Our documents and records are stored in the Florida International University Library.


l.    By-laws                                                                                                Hager

Nothing to report.


6.   Old Business                                                                                            M. Laine


Missy has emailed the Procedures and Policies Manual to all Board members.


7.   New Business                                                                                           M. Laine


We must move our dates for 2003 and 2004 in order not to conflict with NRC’s meeting dates.  Please have items to B. Townsend by 6/1/03 for membership mailing.  Randlett mentioned that ARF minutes commencing with 2002 are on the ARF website.


Respectfully submitted,

Alice Randlett

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