American Reading Forum

Board of Directors Meeting

Sundial Resort

5 December 2001

5—7 PM



Members present:  J. Hager (Chair), M. Laine, L. Elish-Piper,  J. Matanzo, B. Schlagal,  Trathen, R. Wolpow


1. Welcome and Opening Announcements                                                               Hager


Chairperson Jane Hager called the 22nd ARF Board meeting (10th at the Sundial) to order at 5:05 PM.  Jane announced with regret the death of long-time ARF member Barbara Stone, who died suddenly last spring.  She will ask Suzanne Lapp to provide a brief eulogy to Barbara and ask for a moment of silence in her memory at the Business Meeting.


2. Approval of Agenda                                                                                               Hager


Approved (M/S/P)


3. Approval of Minutes                                                                                              Hager


Minutes of 30 April 2001 Board meeting held in New Orleans  approved (M/S/P)  with the following spelling corrections:  Sara should be Sarah Dowhower, Ray Wolpow not Walpow, and George Hruby, not Ruby.


4. Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                Dowhower                                                                                          

Our financial situation is much improved from last year because of the raise in dues.  The appended report is a mix of 2000 and 2001.  We took in ca. $17,5000 and spent  about $14, 500.  Sarah reported her concern about the low number of registrations—at this point—for this year’s conference and the fiscal troubles this may cause ARF.

Approved (M/S/P)


5.  Committee Reports


     a. Nominations and Elections                                                                                   (Hager)

     Suzanne Lapp and Bob Schlagel  are new Board members.  Missy Laine will be chair

     in 2002 with Laurie Elish-Piper serving as vice-chair.  Jane recognized the

     contributions of departing Board members Donna Alvermann and Ray Wolpow and

     thanked Donna and Woody for the support they gave her this year.



     b. Membership                                                                                                        (Dowhower for Townsend)

     As of now, we have 66 registrants and 71 members.


     c. Yearbook/Editorial Advisory                                                                                (Trathen)

     Last yearbook submissions numbered 28 of which 4 were accepted outright, 4 rejected,

     and 20 returned to authors for revision.  Of these 20, 17 were accepted and 3 rejected.

     Only one keynoter, George Hruby, submitted a paper.  Cost of producing the Year-

     Book is rising steeply.  Jane cited the positive response to this year’s publication.


     d. Conference Program, 2002                                                                                  (Schlagel)

      Jane expressed gratitude to Bob and Appalachian State for their willingness to take on

      organizing the 2002 conference.  Barbara Stone’s untimely death left the need to

      fashion an acceptable proposal in a short time.  It was suggested that a retired ARF

      member be called upon to talk about ARF’s history.


     e.  Call To Forum                                                                                                    (Wolpow)

     Our co-sponsored presentation at IRA was very well-attended and it generated a

     two page mailing list of possible members.  The CRA-ARF joint session was also

     well-received and attended.  Please send suggestions for next year’s book titles to



     f.  Budget                                                                                                                (Dowhower)

     Included in earlier Treasurer’s Report.


     g.  Graduate Student Mentoring/Scholarship                                                             (Laine for Bullock)

     The committee received the nominations of 8 graduate and 2 undergraduate students.

     Our guidelines allow only grad students are eligible to apply.  At this time, $680.00

     in donations has been received. The Board will provide the required two.

     Motion (Wolpow/Laine) to amend the current Graduate Student Mentoring

     Scholarship form to include the following statement:

            It is the expectation that a draft of a scholarship recipient’s paper

            be received by the session reactor at least one week prior to the

            conference and that the member who nominates the student will mentor

            and then verify to the chair of the Scholarship Committee that these require-

            ments have been met. 

            Delete from the rules the following:  Students will be notified as soon as decisions

            Are made this fall; they should have plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

     Woody Trathen suggested that we include a statement on the program proposal form

     regarding Graduate Student status.


     h.  Site Selection                                                                                                      (Hager)

     We appear to have no active committee.  Brenda has a list of possible volunteers.


     g.  Public Relations                                                                                                  (Cochran)

     Committee busy negotiating price of shrimp for Friday’s shrimp boil.


     i.  Archives                                                                                                              (Fine)

     No report.


     j. Bylaws                                                                                                                 (Hager)

     No report.


6.  Old Business


Sarah reported on our tax exempt status.  We paid $500.00 for our Federal ID number. Both Wisconsin and Florida have granted us tax exempt status.  Sarah has worked hard to save us money in this area and the savings will be used to fund scholarships.  The Board congratulated her on her accomplishments.


Jane would like the Board to revisit the procedures for allowing people who are former Board members to serve again.  We will take this up at the San Francisco meeting.


Woody proposed putting the Yearbook on the Worldwide Web.  A proposal to do this will be forthcoming at the Friday Business Meeting.  Why?  Cost of publication is becoming prohibitive.  There are some reasons we that go against online publication, e.g., some people are reluctant to publish online, some Tenure committees won’t consider other than print publications.  This year’s edition is already on line at 

Jane suggested that our discussion not be limited to the Business meeting but continue on the List-serv, etc., and asked that the Yearbook Committee organize the reactions and bring this information to the May Board meeting.


Jane reported for Valerie Bristor on this year’s conference, to wit, we will accept papers from people who are unable to attend this year’s conference because of the highly unusual events of the year.


Website is redone.  We need to put the address on the program, etc.


The dates for our 2002 conference are 7 December through 10 December.  The 2003 Program Proposal form will reflect the changes re graduate students.


Respectfully submitted,




Alice Randlett

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